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            -Do not overheat batteries or dispose of batteries in fire.

            -Do not put batteries together with metalwork such as necklace, coins, etc in one bag,or store them together

            -Do not short-circuit batteries.

            -Do not inset batteries in reverse. Observe the + and – markings on battery and equipment.

            -Do not disassemble batteries.

            -Do not weld or solder directly to batteries.

            -Do not use deformed batteries or batteries with serious scar.

            -Read the guide carefully before using batteries. Unsuitable operation will make batteries overheat,fire,explode,destroy or reduce battery’s capacity.

            -Do not place the battery in heater, washer or high-pressure container.

            -Do not use the battery together with different kind of or different type of battery.

            -Stop using when the battery become heat, emit smell or appear other abnormality during use, or storing.

            -Do not recharge the battery.

            -Do not force-discharge the battery. 

            -Keep away from the battery when the battery is leakage or emit abnormal smell.

            -Wash yourself quickly when the electrolyte infiltrate to your skin or clothes.

            -Wash your eyes with clean water quickly and go to hospital for further check if the electrolyte infiltrate to your eyes. 

            -Please contact with us in advance If two or more batteries are to be connected in a series and / or placed in a parallel arrangement.

            -Keep the battery away from the children, avoid being swallowed.

            -Read the guide carefully and pay attention to the guide when using the battery.

            -Read the instrument guide carefully before installing the battery or uninstalling the battery from the instrument.

            -Take out of the battery when the life of the battery is over.

            -Take out of the battery and keep it under the condition of low temperature and low humidity when the battery is not used for a long time.

            -Clean the battery with dry cloth before use if the connection of the battery is dirty.

            -Battery should be used and stored far from the electrostatic place.

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