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            Human Resours

            Human Resours

            The idea of employing people

            Selection criteria: Virtue is most important. Should have both ability and political integrity。
            Employing principle: use after know people, use people at right position, use people’s strengths, accept people’s short, promote capable man, demote incapable man.
             Staff assessment: "Staff assessment: "virtue, ability and achievement“ -- Achievement is priority, both consider altitude and ability.

            The quality of the employees: integrity, reflection, studious.
            Work method: full control, stage assessment, both process and results are same important..
            Work style: words will do, action must have result, result must be good., not buckpassing, not delay, not Speculation.
            Management philosophy: Use appropriate person at the appropriate position. At the appropriate time, use appropriate methods to do right things. Do the work completely. Set up automatic success mechanism for staff and enterprise.

            Human resources opinion: Talent is the root of enterprise rising and falling. Enterprise is the boat of talent growing. Get success after cooperated together. Retain talent by salary, career, feeling and atmosphere.
            Occupation Morality: dedication, loyalty, initiative, responsible, honest, diligent.


            1.Electrochemical engineer.

            2.Mechanical engineer.

            3.Sales representative.

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